YouTube Show: America's Hot Musician Offered as a Free Syndicated Public
Service Television Program To Promote Instrumental Music Within The MTV- Hip
Hop Generation

(PRWEB) November 1, 2006
-- America's Hot Musician
(, the new "American Idol-like" reality talent
competition which features instrumental musicians, is being syndicated free to television
stations in an effort to promote instrumental music within the MTV- Hip Hop Generation.
The program, which is produced by the American Youth Symphony (AYS), a non-profit
organization, is also being offered as a "Public Service Announcement Program" to be
classified as such at the discretion of television outlets. Episode 1 can be viewed on
YouTube via the website.

The 12 episode, half-hour weekly show, which debuts Monday January 8, 2007 offers
broadcast and cable affiliates and independent networks and stations 4 minutes of
commercial space and the flexibility to air within their schedules.

American Youth Symphony's concept of distributing America's Hot Musician without
charging licensing fees signifies a new paradigm in media distribution sparked by music
file sharing websites at the turn of the century and extended by YouTube, which offers
free video file sharing and was recently purchased by Google for 1.65 billion dollars.

"We see no reason why this concept should not extend to television as well," says AYS
Executive Director Susan Veres.

Equally innovative, is AYS's concept of "Public Service Announcement Programming"
(PSA Programming). AYS's non-profit status coupled with the program's social benefit
could meet the FCC definition of a Public Service Announcement which is defined as "any
announcement which no charge is made.... and which promotes the programs, activities
or services of non-profit organizations ...and other announcements regarded as serving
community interests."

"We have a family-oriented, entertaining program, doing something positive to promote
the dying art of instrumental performance, which is given to stations who can financially
benefit by inserting four minutes of their own commercial advertisements. It's a
no-brainer," says creator, judge and Duke Ellington Orchestra alum, Gregory Charles
Royal (

The upbeat program was created by Royal and AYS as part of its Plight of American
Music Initiative to provide instrumental musicians the same outlet that is afforded
vocalists and rappers in other popular shows such as American Idol. Royal, who inserts a
variety of comments throughout the show similar to VH1's program WebJunk, says the
future of instrumental forms like jazz and the symphony are dependant upon future
interest by the MTV-Hip Hop generation who have been "brought up on a steady diet of
electronic sounds." Many young people, now associate the terms "musicians" and "music"
with producers such as P.Diddy and computerized drum loops.

The 12 episode season takes musicians through the first and second rounds in Los
Angeles, Minneapolis and Washington DC and then chronicles the ten semi-finalists in
Washington, DC in a "Real-World-like" scenario where the musicians live together while
they compete in the semi-final and final rounds.

Topics on the social importance of instrumental music are also debated throughout the
season as the show struggles with the need to promote musicianship versus the need to
present an identifiable image that young consumers can relate to.

The judges are Royal and former Miss Minnesota turned music teacher, Kari Heisler.
Little Richard, who initially expressed interest in judging on the show, opted to judge on
Simon Cowell's Celebrity Duets now on FOX.

The first episode of the show is now available to the public, programmers and sponsors
on The remaining episodes will become available on on a
weekly basis beginning January 8, 2007. Public voting begins mid-season and the
YouTube and televised episodes will be coordinated.

To view Episode #1 of America's Hot Musician, please click on the link at

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