REPORT: Major Symphony Orchestras Wrongly Ignore New Paradigm:
The Electronic Sampling Culture of the MTV/Hip Hop Generation

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 2006
The American Youth Symphony (AYS) has issued
a report which addresses what it calls a “stealth musical crisis” in America─a
now pervasive and massive electronic sampling culture being ignored by the
major symphony orchestras which appear unable or unwilling to attract new
young listeners.

The report, part of AYS Plight of American Music Initiative, states that many of
today’ youth, including college graduates, have grown up on so much electronic
sounds and sampling that the traditional parameters of what constituted music
and a musical performance have been dramatically expanded. “here no longer
exists in the young generation a differential between someone who plays a violin,
and someone who chooses a violin sound sample and then keys it into a song,” says
AYS artistic director Gregory Charles Royal.

Royal who has extensive credentials as a trombone soloist with the Grammy
Award winning Duke Ellington Orchestra and as a lecturer and former hip hop
producer, says it is unclear if the major symphonic culture is naive, in denial or
has no serious intention of addressing the new paradigm of the MTV/Hip Hop
Generation. “regardless, they have held their communities’ dollars long enough
and its time for some new blood─the nation’s youth orchestras─to carry the torch
that will rescue instrumental music”.

The report recommends that the nation’ youth orchestras, who already engage youth
performers but which are immature financially, forge alliances with popular artists of
the young generation. “We are envisioning young pop and hip hop artists drawing big
crowds to orchestra concerts and youth orchestras traveling to New York to record on a
grunge artists’ album,” says Susan Veres, Executive Director of AYS.
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