The Plight of American Music Initiative provides schools with an
    educational packet that includes a program template to conduct
    class discussions, including demonstrative exercises and suggested
    questions and rebuttals to spark debate.  

Plight of American Music Initiative is a tradename and project  of American Youth Symphony in collaboration with
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A New Paradigm: Electronic and Non-Melodious Music in the MTV/Hip Hop Generation

Panelists included:

Travis Bowerman
, Director of Programming,  Washington Performing Arts Society; Ashley Gauthier, media
US News & World Report;  Malcolm Inniss, former rapper and DJ, Radio One; Gregory Charles Royal,
former trombonist Duke Ellington Orchestra and Artistic Director American Youth Symphony;
Ava Spece,
Executive Director,
DC Youth Orchestra Program;  Moderator- Susan Veres, Executive Director American Youth

The panel discussed several issues  plaguing the future survival of traditional American music genre and
the current development of young audiences. The American Youth Symphony also  announced a key project, a
reality talent show competition for instrumentalists entitled
America's Hot Musician, similar to the popular
program American Idol which is for vocalists. For a more in depth view at  issues and reports presented at the
conference please see Articles/Reports.

We need the participation of schools in this endeavor  so that we may focus the young generation's attention to
this issue and  garner their opinions and perspectives to make traditional American music something they will
enjoy and patronize.

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AS YOU MAY KNOW, from jazz to rock and roll to hip hop, mainstream
America has always greeted the expressive music of young generations
with disdain. In spite of this, history has proven these musics to be a
valid part of American Art.  

However, for the first time in our history, a generation-- from kids to college
graduates-- is being brought up on a diet of electronic, non-melodious
music.  Criticism is no longer about the moral or philosophical content of a
young generation's music, but rather the way in which music comes to life --
which up until now was by performers playing musical instruments.

This new paradigm could render traditional forms of American music, such
as the symphony, opera or even jazz extinct as the current generation
reaches maturity and the current supporters have passed on.  
(See Articles/Reports).
The Plight of American Music Initiative is a free program being distributed to schools nationwide and
other  interested  institutions and individuals.  It's purpose is to provide a format for discussing the
MTV/Hip Hop Generation's participation, appreciation and patronage of  instrumental music .

The national conference for the initiative convened in Washington, DC at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Library on February 27, 2006. The event was listed on the
Associated Press Daybook and was  covered by WTTG
Fox 5 and the Voice of America.  It consisted of a Town Hall Meeting and a Discussion Panel  on the topic:
Plight of American Music Initiative