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NYJFF 2017 Landmark Film
Giant Steps  (Sitcom)
Episode One "April Fools Jazz" Part One
Directors Jaidan Royal, Gregory Charles Royal

Mickey, Manny and Chuckie share a Harlem apartment where every damn day is a rollercoaster!
Starring jazz legend Mickey Bass, Ellington and Art Blakey alum Gregory Charles Royal, and Ms.
Lauryn Hill saxophonist Brent Birckhead.

Nublu - Music of Now WINNER Issue Documentary Award
Director   Sercan Sezgin
Movie • 1 hr 13 min 30 sec • Music
Completed Jan 2017

Nublu is an impressionistic documentary about an underground jazz club in the lower east side
encompassing the music traditions of NYC.

Natural Jazz Top Music Videos
Director  Arema Arega-Negussie González
Music Video • 2 min 32 sec • Musical
Completed Jun 2017

'Love and solitude, based in a dreamy New York'

Echo Park Blues WINNER Best Narrative Short
Director  Michael Bofshever
Movie • 17 min 34 sec • Comedy, Drama
Completed Jul 2016

Echo Park Blues is the story of a washed up jazzer, saxophonist Teddy Bender, who has written the
song of his life--if only someone would listen, as he takes one last swing at success, at redemption, at

Manhattan Montage Top Music Videos
Director R. Christian Anderson
Music Video • 5 min 59 sec • Documentary, Music
Completed May 2017

A city is more than just a place, it is a culture, a style, a vision.

Director Kelli McCray
Movie • 12 min 44 sec • Drama, Romance
Completed Aug 2016

A love story of a man and woman who are meant for each other, but cannot have each other. One
heart, two worlds, one barrier.

Bamako Play WINNER Best Mixed Genre Documentary
Director Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen

Movie • 24 min 51 sec • Documentary, Music
Completed Feb 2017

A musical journey and meeting between two cultures in Mali and Burkina Faso.

"Throughout The Years" WINNER Best Traditional Documentary Based on a Jazz Musician
Director Jorge Solino
Movie • 33 min 55 sec • Musical, Biography
Completed Feb 2017

This is the story of the friendship between two legends of cuban music.

Bebop  Top Shorts
Director David Liu
Movie • 6 min 23 sec • Drama, Music, History, Biography
Completed Jul 2016

On their first evening of rehearsals in 1953, jazz newcomer Charles Mingus confronts bandleaders
Charlie Parker and Bud Powell about their destructive lifestyles.

Go Get Your Horn
Director Tim Taylor
Made For Video • 22 min 16 sec • Documentary, Musical, Music
Completed Jul 2016

A musical celebration of mentorship, community and listening.

Nobody is home right now
Director  Konstantin Rall
Music Video • 14 min • Music
Completed Nov 2016

The Sound of acoustic instruments and a male voice accompany the black screen, a greenishly
shimmering neon light and an oddly lighted face. Words, noises, music, mimicry, light and darkness
blur the lines between sound and meaning, imagination and reality, association and isolation. By this
means, all cinematic levels are self-reflective, examining the conception of identity in a wider sense

Passing the Torch WINNER Golden Age in Jazz Award
Director Bret Primack
Movie • 43 min • Documentary, Musical, Music
Completed Nov 2016

Passing the Torch documents a ninety year old Jazz master, Jimmy Heath, mentoring teenage
musicians with a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation of America’s homegrown art form, Jazz.
Director Bret Primack captures Heath’s gentle, humorous sharing of life lessons and the non-
threatening way he guides aspiring artists to musical excellence.

An esteemed mentor, Mr. Heath reaches a much younger generation by understanding his role, to be
dependable, engaged, authentic, and finely tuned to their needs. Accordingly, these teenagers
recognize their unique opportunity, to learn Jazz and life from a man who walked with giants like John
Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis.

Mr. Heath, came to the Tucson Jazz Festival to play with the Tucson Jazz Institute's Ellington Band,
repeated winners of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Essentially Ellington competition for high school groups.
The collaboration was so meaningful that Doug Tidaback, the nationally recognized Jazz educator and
co-founder of the Tucson Jazz Institute, brought Jimmy Heath back for a recording session. Filmmaker
and teacher Bret Primack documented the interaction between the Jazz Yoda and this very talented
group of teenage musicians.

Passing the Torch, a forty-three minute documentary, includes performance excerpts, rehearsals,
interviews and behind the scenes moments that celebrate the joy of creation individually, and as part
of a group, and the intergenerational sharing of wisdom,

Jammin' Shanghai WINNER Jazz Ambassador Award
Director Jiayi Song
Movie • 20 min • Documentary, Music, History, Biography
Completed Mar 2017

The glamorous and colorful Jazz scene of Shanghai has been long forgotten.

Alec Haavik, an American Saxophone player, came to Shanghai in 2002 and joined The JZ Club -
founded by local jazz bassist Ren Yuqing, which has revived the jazz culture in the bustling city.
However, following twelve happy years at its location, it has to move out, but not before one last
commemorative gig.

In this film, all the local and international musicians and audience gather together to celebrate the last
night of JZ Club. The owner of the JZ Club Ren Yuqing reveals some important question: Why Jazz?
Why Shanghai? And how to restore the Jazz culture

Michael Carvin: No Excuses WINNER Best Jazz History Documentary
Director Oscar Sanders
Movie • 1 hr 15 min • Documentary, Music
Completed Feb 2017

From concept to recording, what it takes to make a great record

Say What!: A Geriatric Proposal WINNER Best Animated Short
Director Aaron Weinstein
Movie • 5 min 31 sec • Animation, Comedy, Music
Completed Dec 2016

He just wants to play jazz. Granny has something else in mind.

Harlem Love Top Shorts
Director Richard Joseph
Movie • 8 min 47 sec • Drama, Romance
Completed Jan 2017

While standing at the altar, a couple's past troubled relationship is reflected during the ceremony,
before the final, 'I Do'.

The Ecology of Jazz
Director Rob Whitehair
Movie • 1 hr 20 min 30 sec • Documentary, Music
Completed Jan 2017

Jazz, Art, Nature and Love merge in a post documentary poetic world.

Hugo Plays The Bass WINNER Posthumous Documentary Award
Director Rasmus Dinesen
Movie • 50 min • Documentary
Completed Jun 2016

Hugo Plays The Bass is an original, poetic and personal film about one of the greatest Danish jazz
icons, Hugo Rasmussen. In his over 50 year career he recorded over 1000 plates, and he has
performed with many of the greatest jazz musicians such as Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon and
especially Cornelis Vreejswik. In exclusive footage we follow the last two years of Hugo's life until his
death in August 2015. We experience his eternal charm and great joy, which not even the doctors
death sentence can hold. We see him take to the stage for the last time, and we feel his inspiring
creature rub off on young and old musicians around him. But we also see an older man who is ready
to die.

To Be Free Top Music Videos
Director Adepero Oduye
Movie • 12 min 18 sec
Completed Sep 2016

One moment of complete freedom. And its cost.
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