Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 3:30PM

World's Not For Me**
                     (NYJFF 2016 Landmark Film to be screened at each session)

Director: Gregory Charles Royal
Cinematographer: Henry M. Joseph III
Country: USA, Running Time 13 min, Category: Out of Competition
Winner of the Harlem Spotlight Best Narrative Short at the Harlem International Film Festival (Sep
A jazz musician wakes up from a coma in 2016 to find the world he once knew is gone on every level-
musically, culturally and economically. Wrtten, directed and starring former
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Art Blakey  trombonist Gregory Charles Royal and his two generations of sons,Tanner Maret, and
Marist. Music is from his 1978 debut album with Geri Allen,
Dream Come True when he was 17 years

Director: Magda Kandillari
Country: Greece, Running Time 17:31 min, Category: Short
This is a story of a couple that fell in love, in America in the 1930s- 1950s . A girl in search of her
womanhood and a man capable of true love meet in a story, where one's mind can give birth to
disaster and another one's to hope.

Tempo Rubato
Director: Noelia Santos
Country: USA, Running Time 19:30 min, Category: Short
‘Tempo Rubato' follows the development of a jazz composition by the acclaimed New York-based
Colombian percussionist and composer, Samuel Torres. His project, 'Forced Displacement,' written as
a tribute to the victims of the Colombian conflict, takes him on a journey to the roots of Afro-Colombian
music and the communities in which it plays an important social role.

Jazz Fantasia - a poem by Carl Sandburg
Country: UK, Running Time 1:44 min, Category: Short
The classic poem by Carl Sandburg.

Mulambo Jazzagrario - Daily Recording
Director: Lucas Silva
Country: Brazil, Running Time 20:52 min, Category: Out of Competition
The documentary follows a day of Fernando Grilo recording process, multi-instrumentalist in your
project Mulambo Jazzagrário. It conducted a month before the accidental death of the artist.

Traveling Shoes
Director: Bradly Dever Treadaway
Country: USA, Running Time 14:59 min, Category: Short
Screened at the Williamsburg International Film Festival (Sep 2015) Brooklyn, U S A
Traveling Shoes is an experimental short based on a performative sound work that employs a mobile
shoe shine stand with a built in sound system, a jazz trio, a marching band and a shoe shiner engaged
in golf-leafing the public's shoes as a metaphor for ascension. Drawing its title from an African
American traditional folk song that speaks of the necessity for traveling shoes when death comes to
call, the video and performance investigate a shifted labor hierarchy, where the shoe shiner provides
the means for redemption. The piece is a collaboration with Filmmaker Bradly Dever Treadaway,
Conceptual Director Justin Randolph Thompson, Choreographer Stephanie Nelson, Composer Jason
Thompson, frog and Toads Dixie Quartet, and the Henry W. Grady High School Jazz Ensemble.

Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 5:30PM

The Golden Rule
Director: Felix Crumbsy
Country: USA, Running Time 3:25 min, Category: Short
Screened at Film Slam at The Enzian (Feb 2016) Winterpark, U S A
A Non-Dialogue short about a rich man who helps a homeless man and is, in return, helped

Welcoming Departure
Director: Scott Ballard
Country: USA, Running Time 67 min, Category: Feature
Hank enjoys the quiet life. As the night custodian at a public library, his evenings are sequestered in a
methodical work routine. When a mysterious inheritance appears, the patterns of his life begin to
unravel. Welcoming Departure is a jazz inspired portrait exploring the challenges of change.
Welcoming Departure is the directorial debut for Scott Ballard. It was shot on location in Bellingham,
WA and Portland, OR.

Slow Dance With Me
Director: David Warren
Country: USA, Running Time 4:48 min, Category: Short
A short-film about love in WWII.

Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 7:30PM

Up Next
Director: Domenic Yovina
Country: USA, Running Time 9:42 min, Category: Short
A comedy about death and stage fright.

Yellow Cab 267. A musical hell
Country, Spain  Running Time 18 minutes  Category: Short
Director: Patricia Venti
Screened at the Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes de Medina del Campo (Apr 2016)
Medina del Campo, Spain
A Japanese chef who cooks exotic illegal dishes, is chased by a health inspector who actually works
for the mafia. Meanwhile dining couples talk about death and life; a producer tempts and actress with
a job in exchange of some love. All these stories intertwine in a New York restaurant, a kind of parallel
universe where the worlds of the living and the dead have blurry borders.

Director: Michael Fequiere
Country: USA, Running Time 14 min, Category: Short
Screened at:
Harlem International Film Festival (Sep 2016) New York, U S A
Sankofa Film Festival (Sep 2016) Minneapolis, U S A
A short profile piece on child prodigy jazz drummer Kojo Odu Roney.

Trio-trio (a music documentary)
Director: Ceng Teng Liew
Country: Norway, Running Time 62 min,
(Screening a shorter modified version)   Category: Out of
A documentary about the band, Trio DeLeon - a jazz trio formed by the director for making music
recording to his bachelor thesis.

The documentary shows the whole process of finding musicians - who should not know each other
from before - further from the start of the band, the development and problems along the way until the
trio's first goal, to make an album of the music they created.

The film tries also to get a closer focus on the band members' personality characteristics and their
thoughts about being a musician. Their motivation and expectations are revealed, as well as how the
cooperation and the chemistry between them worked and what impact that had on their music.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 9:30AM

Kagero "The Trickster"
Director: Yuki Ogura
Country: Japan, Running Time 3:23 min, Category: Music Video
Japanese band KAGERO is one of the most unique bands in the world. The jazz-punk quartet consists
of bass, sax, piano and drums, which creates unbelievable sound that you can't experience from any
other musician.

Nihao Hamtai- Magma, First Chinese Tour
Director: Coralie Van Rietschoten
Country: France, Running Time 86 min,
(Screening a shorter modified version) Category: Feature
May 2015, the band Magma - 45 years of creation off the beaten path - tours in China for the first
time. In Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, images of the cities mix up with the concerts. Tour
promoters, festival curators, fans and disc sellers talk about China's opening to Occidental culture.
'Nĭhăo' means 'Hello' in Mandarin, the official language of the People's Republic of China. 'Hamtaï'
means 'Hello' in Kobaïan, the official language of the planet Kobaïa and Magma.

Short Story
Director: Ahmed Hamed
Country: Egypt, Running Time 5:35 min, Category: Short
A group of children working at a person in the street and in during the break from work trying to play
football but they were being harassed employer , and succeed in play and succeed at work.

Director: Chris Moshier
Country: USA, Running Time 2:34 min, Category: Short
An unnamed protagonist observes various surreal images after finding a discarded package on a New
York City sidewalk.

Director: Alexander Tahir, Åke Lindestrand
Country: Sweden, Running Time 17 min, Category: Short
A film noir set in Stockholm.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 11:30AM

Red X
Director: Yaser Moinfar
Country: Iran, Running Time 2:47 min, Category: Short
A character is judging another character. So He understands that his judgment is wrong…

On Air
Director: Robert Nacken
Country: Germany, Running Time 20 min, Category: Feature
GERMAN SHORT FILM AWARD 2015 (Sep 2015) Ludwigsburg, Germany
Two bohemians hijack a live radio show including the the moderator and guest, all in order to
broadcast their political views. Their intention to better the world takes on a however slightly different
The film was developed together with the WDR radio play 'On Air' by Robert Nacken.

I Know His Blood
Director: Enya Belak
Country: UK, Running Time 3:59 min, Category: Music Video
A woman's struggle shown through the movement expression and transparency of emotional journey
through different states of mind. It is a reflection of the inner feelings caught in a space of emptiness.
The fragility of a woman being is pushed to the edge of embodied agony.

Presenting Bobby Katz
Director: Robert Riemer
Country: USA, Running Time  15:36 min, Category: Short
Documentary introducing the life and music of NYU jazz student Bobby Katz.

Here We Go Again
Director: Johan Anderson
Country: USA, Running Time 6:26 min Category: Short
“Here We Go Again” is a short dance film that explores love and intimacy between couples throughout
New York City’s beautiful cityscape. It follows one man as he looks to the relationships of others for
answers to his own romantic struggles.

Mi Tango Nacio en Sarandi
Director: Elina Gladys Roldán
Country: Argentina, Running Time 24:18  min, Category: Short
This video is part of a short films collection created by the Argentinian Tango dancer and master Elina
Roldán, who lived and experienced the real traditional tango in Buenos Aires through the teachings of
the old and mythic milongueros of the city. The project is meant to describe what tango is about,
throught the support of short films, either documentaries and fictions, painting authentic portraits of
the characters of the Tango scene in the Argentinian capital.

Culture Shot
Director: zhen yee khor
Country: Malaysia, Running Time 2 min, Category: Short
A multiracial group of friends brought together by the love of music.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 1:30PM

Clap on the 2 and the 4
Director: Leonardo Dell'Anno
Country: Canada, Running Time 2:20 min, Category: Music Video
Jazz singer-songwriter Ori Dagan's 'Clap on the 2 and the 4' is an infectiously fun music video about
finding your inner rhythm. Featuring music lovers of all ages, it also features two cats, two birds, two
dogs and a horse. Get clapping, tapping and snapping with this 21st century jazz anthem that's poised
to make you hip!

Diane Schuur Jazz Legend.
Director: Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges
Country: USA, Running Time 3 min, Category: Short
DIANE SCHUUR Jazz Legend in an intimate setting honored for her contribution to the jazz world. With
exclusive concert footage from the Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival.

Director: Guily Machovec
Country: Brazil, Running Time 12:06 min, Category: Short
Official Selection of the Madalena Festival de Cinema (Jun 2016) São Paulo, Brazil
A story about Choices Ana is a troubled girl who suffers a breakdown. After this traumatic moment,
Thais has to help Ana to understand what happened.

Bigly Yellow
Director: Nigel Deans
Country: Australia, Running Time 48 min,  Category: Feature
Received the Documentary Award at The Indie Gathering (Aug 2016) Hudson OH, U S A
Screened at the 17th Saint-Tropez Antipodes Film Festival, France (Oct 2015)
Come on a journey into a land of sliding night shadows, slithering and peaked with bent notes,
creative highs, babies and lithium smoothed breakdowns, where life is jazz.

20 years in the making, BIGLY YELLOW peruses the life of Simon Kent, a rising jazz prodigy who
played with some of Australia’s greatest musicians from the tender age of 15 on trumpet and
trombone. The twin gods of creation and destruction hold hands in a spinning dance of life, that is at
the core and beating heart of this jazz musician.

Art Blast
Director: Debbie Vu
Country: USA, Running Time 2:04 min, Category: Short
Stumbling upon two artists commissioned to create art on the front of a convenience store,
documentary film-maker Debbie Vu captures a glimpse of their work in progress.

Director:  Shiro Ichige
Country: Japan, Running Time 5:40 min, Category: Short
One night, a man saw wonder scene during the snooze. If In the dream, anything is free,and anything
can happen

Dem Golden Slippers
Director: Bradly Dever Treadaway
Country: USA, Running Time 13 min, Category: Short
Dem Golden Slippers explores the trade of shoe shining and hustling while setting up shop during
given hours where visitors have the opportunity to get their shoes gold-leafed. The title and act are
drawn from minstrel lyrics that speak of putting your best things away until judgment. The work
investigates the status symbol of shoes in the urban context investing these with the shifted hierarchy
of the shoe shiner as the provider of a tool for ascension and a recalibrated moral character.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 3:30PM

Speak Easy
Director: Darragh Ginley
Country: UK, Running Time 5:40 min, Category: Short
During the prohibition era, a depressed detective must fight his addiction to alcohol while locating
gangster-run speakeasies.

Jazz Dance
Director: Jake Krushnell
Country: UK, Running Time 9:44 min, Category: Short
Dance to jazz instrumental

Memoirs of a Hip 'Ole Black Man
Director: Ivar Iding
Country: Netherlands, Running Time 74:40 min,
(Screening a shorter modified version) Category:
Received the 2nd Place Best Documentary Feature at the Desert Rocks Film & Music Event (Oct
2015) Hesperia, U S A

Screened at the Benicia Film Festival (Sep 2015) Benicia, U S A
Premiered at Filmhuis Bussum (Apr 2015) Bussum, Netherlands
I don’t need to try to be Vinx, I just be Vinx.' This is the opening quote of this film, which raises an
immediate question: Who is Vinx?
This documentary film tells his story. He is a respected musician that has worked with world famous
artists as Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones and Sting. And he is a renown Berklee college
of music tutor, trying to pass on some of the knowledge he gained during his more than 35 years
musical career.
While being a youngster he was not only playing his drum, but also training as a successful athlete.
When politics destroyed his Olympic Dream, his music got him back on track. Then he met Sting who
asked him to open for and play with him during his Soul Cages World Tour. Vinx traveled the world
and his career got a boost. In this film Vinx tells about this tour and the unexpected effects and
consequences for himself, his personal life and his music. We see him at work, on stage and in a
workshop, inspiring others.

Tiny Snow
Director: Takashi Horie
Country: USA, Running Time 6:01 min, Category: Music Video
A tiny Jazz session happened in a fine afternoon.

Lunches With Mel
Director: Alex Beh
Country: USA, Running Time 6 min, Category: Short
Jazz violinist, Aaron Weinstein, meets with legendary entertainment agent, Mel Howard.

Director: Michael Kuznar
Country: USA, Running Time 13:25 min, Category: Short
John is a washed up middle-age actor waiting nervously in a dingy hall for an audition that could
salvage his career. When a younger actor with a eerie resemblance suddenly appears, John's
confidence and sanity will be tested. Things are not as normal as they appear.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 5:30PM

The Ghosts of San Francisco.
Director: R. Christian Anderson
Country: USA, Running Time 6:42 min, Category: Music Video
Screened at - "Friday Nights at the deYoung" at the DeYoung Museum ( Oct, Nov 2015) San
Francisco, U S A
Music video for 'The Ghosts of San Francisco,' sung by Chris Clark. Music by John Thomas Bullock,
lyrics by R. Christian Anderson. ASCAP

Thomas Chapin: Night Bird Song
Director: Stephanie J Castillo
Country: USA, Running Time 150 min,
(Screening a shorter modified version) Category: Feature
2016 Monterey Jazz Festival Selection, Best Story Award in Nice, France at the International
Filmmakers Festival 2016
Destined to be among the great virtuosos of jazz, Thomas Chapin, an alto sax and flute master, was
nearing the pinnacle of his meteoric rise when leukemia took him at the age of 40 in 1998. Though
fame and world recognition have eluded him despite the mark he left on jazz in the '80s and '90s, his
passionate life and incandescent music remain unforgettable to fans who knew him and musicians who
played with him. And today, his music is inspiring a new generation of artists and musicians who have
discovered him. The new documentary THOMAS CHAPIN, NIGHT BIRD SONG draws an intimate
portrait of this musical explorer who pushed and transcended the boundaries of jazz and dissolved the
distinctions between sound and music. Because of this film, he will no longer be only a footnote in jazz.
His indelible mark will be known.

Jazz. Women. Bring It
Director: Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges
Country: USA, Running Time 5:40 min, Category: Short
Up close and personal with the top jazz female artists. Exclusive footage. #RaiseTheRoof

More Sensitive
Director: Gail Noonan
Country: Canada, Running Time 2 min, Category: Short
-Best Animated Short of the Victoria Independant Film Festival (Feb 2004) Victoria, Canada
More Sensitive' takes us on a tipsy turvy trip into a bar where a performer valiantly strikes the first
piano chord to introduce his song. How does he survive the almost complete indifference of his
audience? Will life annihilate art? In two action packed minutes we swing from a drunken point of view
to the self obsessed perspective of the singer and how he endures the oblivion of performing in a bar.

Despite the brevity, full use is made of every frame to explore all kinds of animation techniques in any
manner of combinations. With hand coloured photographs, cutouts, plasticine, drawing on both paper
and cel, with optical effects shot in the camera, the creation of this film provided no end of opportunity
to experiment.

Director: Paul Szynol
Country: USA, Running Time 13:15 min, Category: Short
Screened at the:
St Louis International Film Festival (Nov 2015) St Louis, U S A
Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival (Oct 2015) Dublin, Ireland
Rome International Film Festival (Sep 2015) Rome , USA
A short documentary about the prodigious talent and irrepressible spirit of a musically precocious 12
year old blind boy who plays the piano.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 7:30PM






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