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0. Plight of American Music Discussion Guide

01.It's a Hardbop Life Review: SCHOOL OF HARD BOPS

1. America's Hot Musician Moves to the Oxygen Network with National Symphony Orchestra Principal Second
Violinist Marissa Regni and Former Duke Ellington Trombonist Gregory Charles Royal as Judges

2.  "Idol-like" Show for Instrumentalists, AMERICA'S HOT MUSICIAN, Begins Production in                        
Spring , 2006

3. Historic Conference to Address Classical Music Culture and the MTV/Hip Hop
Generation Convenes in Washington, DC  AP Daybook Event-Covered by WTTG Fox 5-
Voice of America

4. Controversial Musician Says “Calling Rap Artists Musicians and Rap, Music, is Confusing Kids”

5.REPORT Overview: Major Symphony Orchestras Wrongly Ignore New Paradigm: The Electronic Sampling
Culture of the MTV/Hip Hop Generation


7. "What is the Prognosis for the Future Survival of Traditional American Musical Genre
by the MTV-Hip Hop Generation" by Ava Spece, Executive Director, DC Youth Orchestra Program.

8.. American Teacher Magazine  There's a Lesson in the Music by Roger Glass

9.. PRNewswire  Noted Jazz Musician Says MTV/Hip Hop Generation May Kill Classical and Jazz
Music Monday September 26, 4:59 am ET

10.YouTube Show: America's Hot Musician Offered as a Free Syndicated Public Service Television Program
To Promote Instrumental Music Within The MTV- Hip Hop Generation
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