We in the artistic
community must
make up lost ground
for our abandonment
and lack of guidance
of the younger
generation who we
now need for our own
future survival.
-Susan Veres,
Exec. Dir. AYS
"Put Music Back in the Marketplace"
Organization and Mission
                      AMERICAN YOUTH SYMPHONY
                                   a non profit organization    

Susan Veres- Executive Director  
Gregory Charles Royal- Artistic Director
Sara Keller- intern

The American Youth Symphony (AYS) was founded in Washington, DC in 1982 and    
operates on a per program basis. It's mission is to promote instrumental music in young
audiences via popular music genre in an effort to ensure the future survival of
instrumental and vocal music.   

In addition to the
Plight of American Music Initiative, AYS also produced the stage play
It's a Hardbop Life at the New School University in New York City in 2004. The
organization has also been active in the state of Wisconsin producing programs
throughout the
University of Wisconsin System, public schools  and libraries and will
distribute the DVD/CD of the play to educational institutions worldwide.  

The American Youth Symphony also received funding from the
Wisconsin Humanities
 for its program Backstreet Boys! Blackstreet Blues!, a demonstration and
discussion about the impact of black music in America
, which received critical

In its most recent project AYS is producing a reality talent show competition called
America's Hot Musician. This televised program which  will air in syndication, features
instrumentalists between the ages of 16 and 32 playing popular styles with the winner  
receiving a one year recording contract. National Symphony Orchestra Principal Second
Violinist Marissa Regni, AYS Artistic Director Gregory Charles Royal and nu-metal bassist
Talena Atfield are the judges.
Plight of American Music Initiative is a tradename and project  of American Youth Symphony in collaboration with
Susan Veres and Associates and GCR Music Company
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